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   Since its inception in early 1994, our goal has been to provide our clients with all the tools and technical support they need to keep up with the technological developments in order to remain competitive and successful. Our strength and success is rooted in our ability to listen to our customers' requirements and respond quickly and effectively to fulfill their technological needs.
Our number one priority is to supply the products you need when you need them and at competitive prices. To achieve this goal, we work with over 60 suppliers and distributors worldwide and make every effort to source products no matter how obscure or unavailable they may appear.

 Our concept of "Total Solution" includes:
 - hardware
 - software
 - networking
 - technical support services
 - internet access and services 

Murat F. Erbatur, P.Eng



   Murat received his B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Robert College (Istanbul, Turkey) in 1972 and his Masters degree in Structural Engineering from UBC in 1973. After 11 years with Swan Wooster Engineering (now, Sandwell) in Vancouver, he spent three years in California as Vice President of Engineering (SSD) and later on Marketing (EDA) with the software company now known as REBIS. He returned to Vancouver in 1988 and joined H.A.Simons as Manager, Computer Applications for the Structural & Architectural Dept. He took over MCM Integrated Technologies Ltd. as President in October 1994.

   Murat has spent most part of his 25 years of experience in computers and their applications in engineering and business environment as a specifier and purchaser. Consequently, he truly understands clients’ needs and the importance of timely delivery of tools to the hands of the end users.

   Don’t be surprised if you see him at your doorstep delivering that much needed server or a simple printer cable. Because he, as the rest of MCM staff, believes that "service" is the key, regardless of the cost of a particular item, and the most important item for the Client is what they need "right now". His dedication to service coupled with competitive pricing has been the driving force behind the success of MCM Integrated Technologies Ltd.


Don Milner, MCSE, MCP+I, HP STAR


VP, Technology

   No stranger to the world of computers and technology, Don has been programming computers for more than fifteen years. Over the past ten years he has added hardware and electronics technology into his skills set. He studied computer electronics through Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont.

   During this period, he has not lost grasp of the programming field. In 1992, Don found his way into working with networks with token ring for the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario. From there, he moved Ethernet networks, working lightly with Novell Servers, but mostly working with and installing NT Servers.

   He completed his MCSE certification in April 1999, focusing on TCP/IP and Proxy Server as his electives. He is still working towards more credits to his name studying Exchange and SQL Server. He is also learning more Cisco hardware, working towards network security.

   Don has been a member of the team at MCM since April 1997.


Mark J. Downs


Manager Corporate Accounts

   Mark joined the MCM sales team in July of 1997. With 10 years experience in the service industry, Mark sharpened his communication skills and customer relations. These skills enabled him to build and maintain a strong link between our clients, suppliers and manufacturers.

   As Manager of Corporate Accounts, Mark specializes in providing IT solutions to clients in need of products and services. His broad-based knowledge of Toshiba & IBM notebooks, along with HP desktops and servers are just some of the proficiencies that he possesses to meet his clients needs. Mark acquired his Certified A+ Service Technician and Toshiba Technician Certificates..

   Mark is currently pursuing his Microsoft Certification.


Ken Sadraei


Manager, Purchasing & System Integration

   With a technical degree in computers & electronics, and more than ten years of experience working in the computer industry, Ken’s extensive knowledge base of various computer brand names, OEM products and peripherals in Canada & US is highly regarded. His eagerness to update his skills and awareness of the newest product lines provides him with the necessary tools to provide accurate information to his coworkers and clients. As Purchasing Manager, he is very aggressive in finding the best product at the right price for the MCM sales team.

   Since Ken’s position at MCM includes corporate sales as well as purchasing, he provides aggressive quotations on MCM PC Systems, as well as customized configurations for specialty PC’s & servers. Ken’s loyalty to his clients is reflected in their desire to always work with him directly.

   Ken is a Certified Professional Purchaser and is currently pursuing his Microsoft Certification.


Brian McCulloch


Manager, Technical Services

   Prior to joining MCM, Brian spent 17 years in retail management. His duties included Sales & Service, Inventory Control, and Human Resources. Although he found his job(s) both fun and challenging he eventually found himself growing stale and in need of a change. Brian moved to the world of IT for challenge and diversity. With the constant need to expand and update his knowledge in this feild, Brian shouldn’t have to worry about becoming stale or bored anytime soon.

   Brian has his A+ certification, HP Star, and TCT (Toshiba Certified Technician) designations and is pursuing his Microsoft certification.


Miryam Fontil


Accounting Administrator

   A native of Montreal, Miryam graduated from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor in Political Sciences and a Certificate in Economics. Since then Miryam has been developing her sales and customer service skills with National Paging Corporation (a division of Shaw Communications) as a Reseller Representative. Five years ago, she finally saw the light and moved out West to God’s Land here in Vancouver where she became one of Teldon International’s top Account Executives. Deciding that a career change was in order Miryam went back to her educational roots and for the last two years she has been taking part time courses at BCIT in accounting with the intent to complete her CGA.

   Miryam joined the MCM team in November of 1999 to take over the Accounting from Jeannie. This of course, has quickly grown to include reception duties, keeping track of the Technical and Sales staff as they make their rounds to our various client’s sites, and even assisting with the Inventory Control system when needed.

   Miryam would like to establish her own accounting firm once she has finished her CGA.


Jason Cobham


Technical Services

   Jason joined the MCM technical team in October of 2000. His duties include assembling computer systems, customer support, and all aspects of computer services. His understanding of electronics and related devices is a great asset to the technical team. Jason is Toshiba Certified and has been building computers for 10 years.


Robin Anderson


Account Representative

   Robin joined MCM and began her exciting new career in the computer industry early last year. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor in English Literature and Classical Studies.

After training with the MCM Technical Team, Robin moved into Sales to assist Mark and Ken.


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